Work • 2006 • Live electronic

Snowstorm is a live electronics piece featuring live cello and synthesizer, influenced in real-time by MIDI and audio processes created in Max/MSP. It was one of the pieces from Adam Jansch's portfolio submitted for the Composition (Studio) MMus programme at Goldsmiths College.

In Snowstorm, the main backbone is formed by the synthesizer, which supplies a bed of steadily increasing, then decreasing, intensity. The cellist responds to this synth part, with their sound output recorded and layered back into the sonic result. The playback characteristics of the recorded cello are decided primarily by the intensity of the synth part.

The piece was developed from one first performed by Adam Jansch as part of The Inventec Encounter in 2005. In this recorded version of Snowstorm, the cello was played by Becky Dixon.

  • Max/MSP
  • Live Electronic
  • cello