nullTV analog

Work • 2010 • Multi-stream media installation

nullTV analog is an art installation in which three live broadcast television signals are multiplexed in the analogue domain to form a hybrid stream containing elements of all three in an ever-changing flux.

The conceptual weight of nullTV analog considers Marshall McLuhan's saying "the medium is the message". By opening the broadcast aperture up just a small amount, the content is received in a jumble and no longer makes sense. Viewer attention thus falls on the medium (the television in this case), which, according to McLuhan, is where the real significance of such methods of communication lies.

  • installation
  • television

Updates [ 2 ]

  • AJ | Works | nullTV analog | nullTV analog features in in tones video

    nullTV analog features in in tones video

    1 Feb 2010 • nullTV analog

    The video chronicling the works and composers of in tones: organ/radio/television/glitch has been made available on Vimeo. It features an overview of Adam Jansch's piece nullTV analog, in which he explains the background of the piece that made up the television section of the event.

  • AJ | Works | nullTV analog | in tones premiere for new Jansch TV piece

    in tones premiere for new Jansch TV piece

    16 Jan 2010 • nullTV analog

    Adam Jansch's brand new installation based around television will premiere at in tones: organ/radio/television/internet. The piece, called nullTV analog, presents the mangling together of multiple live TV streams onto one screen and will be live on January 16th in the University of Huddersfield's Phipps Hall.