rev forty

Project • 2001—2002

rev forty was the first vessel for Adam Jansch's fledgling interest in computer-based music creation. The project garnered three albums: The Day Stars Collide (2001), Conquering Green Mountain (2001) and one certain dark (2002).

rev forty's sound was created primarily around a Korg MS2000 synthesizer and Emu Proteus 2000 sound module. The project was wound down to be replaced by Lost Zoyd.

  • Electronic Pop
  • Vocal
  • Experimental Pop


  • One Certain Dark

    One Certain Dark

    9 Sep 2002

    one certain dark was the third and final LP from rev forty, Adam Jansch's first foray into studio music production. Built on minimalistic underpinnings, one certain dark features a progression in production from its forebears and a swing into more experimental atmospheric territory.

  • Conquering Green Mountain

    Conquering Green Mountain

    17 Sep 2001

    Conquering Green Mountain was the second LP released by rev forty. It built off its predecessor's electronic stylings, feeling more confident and cohesive as a result. It was released as a CD, limited to 50 copies.

  • The Day Stars Collide

    The Day Stars Collide

    4 Jun 2001

    The debut album for rev forty was The Day Stars Collide, which presented a blend of electronic songwriting that became the seed from which Adam Jansch's music production would develop.

Updates [ 3 ]

  • AJ | Projects | rev forty | rev forty releases one certain dark

    rev forty releases one certain dark

    9 Sep 2002 • rev forty

    Following a year of development, rev forty has released third LP, one certain dark. Available on CD, the album intermingles rev forty's electronic pop productions with a new focus on experimental pop.

  • AJ | Projects | rev forty | Second LP by rev forty released

    Second LP by rev forty released

    17 Sep 2001 • rev forty

    The follow up to debut album The Day Stars Collide has been released by rev forty. Donning a distinctive hand-drawn cover, Conquering Green Mountain features a development of its predecessor's sound and is available on CD with multi-page booklet.

  • AJ | Projects | rev forty | The Day Stars Collide, rev forty's debut album, released

    The Day Stars Collide, rev forty's debut album, released

    4 Jun 2001 • rev forty

    The debut album by electronic pop musician rev forty has been released. The Day Stars Collide features 12 tracks with elements of vocal compositions, sample textures and synth ambience. The Day Stars Collide is available now on CD.