Lost Zoyd

Project • 2005—2013

Lost Zoyd (originally The Lost Zoyd) was the successor to Adam Jansch's rev forty. From the outset the new project had a significant emphasis on narrative, a focus that led to 2007's story-as-album debut Death/Rebirth.

It would be almost six years before a follow-up appeared: EP Threshold loosened the narrative noose whilst introducing a more cohrent lo-fi production style. The restart of Lost Zoyd became the basis of an all new Jansch studio vehicle, Dorian Zoyd.

  • Narrative Progtronics
  • lo-fi
  • beatsong


  • Threshold


    10 Jun 2013 • Listen
  • Death/Rebirth


    5 Nov 2007 • Listen

Updates [ 4 ]

  • AJ | Projects | Lost Zoyd | Lost Zoyd releases Threshold

    Lost Zoyd releases Threshold

    10 Jun 2013 • Lost Zoyd

    After a gap of almost six years, Adam Jansch's studio project Lost Zoyd has a release to boast about: Threshold, a 6-track EP, was made available on Bandcamp today, for full streaming and download.

  • AJ | Projects | Lost Zoyd | Death/Rebirth now available as HQ digital download

    Death/Rebirth now available as HQ digital download

    1 Oct 2012 • Lost Zoyd

    Lost Zoyd's debut album, Death/Rebirth, is now available as a high quality digital download alongside its original CD release. Check it out at Zoyd's Bandcamp.

  • AJ | Projects | Lost Zoyd | The Lost Zoyd debut Death/Rebirth released

    The Lost Zoyd debut Death/Rebirth released

    5 Nov 2007 • Lost Zoyd

    The debut LP from The Lost Zoyd has been released: Death/Rebirth, an electronic vocal epic, follows the dark and sinister story of the an escapee of City+, a metropolitan project whose roots lie in technological advancement and social misery.

    Death/Rebirth is available on limited-run CD and can be purchased from CD Baby Bandcamp.