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In August 2013, an intrepid group of walkers traversed Wiltshire in order to visit all eight of the county's white horses, a journey spanning 5 days and 100 miles. It took place under the auspices of the Walking Wiltshire's White Horses project, organised by Creative Wiltshire.

As Creative Wiltshire's lead techie at the time, Adam Jansch was tasked with making a set of apps that followed the walkers on their trek. Two of these apps were WWWH Map and WWWH Photos, which were installed at the Wiltshire Heritage Museum in Devizes for the duration of the walks. Their function was to display photos taken by the walkers and uploaded to Flickr as the walks progressed.

WWWH Photos made use of iOS 6's UICollectionView classes to present the Flickr photos in a stylish, tile-based gallery. The photos were grouped by geographic zone, depending on how close they were to a given white horse, with each group also including some information about its horse.

As both WWWH Map and WWWH Photos were intended to operate only during the walks, neither has been made available on Apple's App Store.

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  • AJ | Code | WWWH Photos | Walking Wiltshire's White Horses begins tomorrow

    Walking Wiltshire's White Horses begins tomorrow

    21 Aug 2013 • WWWH Photos

    The Walking Wiltshire's White Horses 5 day walk begins tomorrow, starting at Westbury and heading all over the county to finish in Market Place, Devizes on Monday August 26th. Accompanying the walk will be an exhibition at the Wiltshire Museum in Devizes, featuring an installation and a selection of iPads running mapping and photo apps created by Adam Jansch.