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Swift / AVAudioPlayer / NSDocument

Whilst putting together the ‑otron album doze on, Adam Jansch conceived an app that would aid the arranging and balancing of music on a cassette. TapeLister was born.

TapeLister was designed for cassette creators. It features two sides, A & B, waiting to be filled with audio. The sides are always the same length, with silence padding out the side with less audio; so its up to the tape's creator to balance music on both sides to craft the most effective cassette listening experience.

The transport of TapeLister is designed to emulate a cassette player's, with forward and reverse playback which continues from the appropriate position when flipped. There is also autoflip functionality that turns the tape over optionally at the end of side A or both sides. Tape noise and leader gaps are also recreated to give the creator a clearer idea of what the final cassette may sound like.

Finished tapes (saved in the .tape format) contain their audio, so sharing with collaborators, music industry bods, and promo-types is easy. A banner image can be added alongside artist and release names to tailor the experience even further.

Jansch programmed TapeLister in Swift, leveraging AppKit's AVAudioPlayer and NSDocument capabilities. The app is available for free on the Mac platform via the Apple App Store.

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Updates [ 2 ]

  • AJ | Code | TapeLister | TapeLister v1.0.1 now available

    TapeLister v1.0.1 now available

    21 Jun 2017 • TapeLister

    Version 1.0.1 of TapeLister is now available on the Mac App Store. The update sees some minor issues dealt with and some additional convenience functionality added also.

  • AJ | Code | TapeLister | TapeLister cassette prototyper app released

    TapeLister cassette prototyper app released

    6 Apr 2017 • TapeLister

    The first Mac app by Adam Jansch has been released today. TapeLister is a tool for prototyping cassettes before they are committed to the final medium.

    Written in Swift, TapeLister was conceived during the creation of Jansch's ‑otron tape releases. It is available for download from the Mac App Store.