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Adam Jansch


Work • 2010 • Multi-channel AV with live radio

Travelling is a live electronic video piece which integrates the fixed audio/visual content from a self-made film with a stream of live broadcast radio, which serves as a diegetic sound source. It is the second of three works for his PhD in music composition in which Adam Jansch integrated live radio with fixed materials.

The use of live radio in Travelling was an attempt to override the fixity of the visual media. Its deployment is weaved into the narrative of the piece by means of particular gestures in the video which serve as synchronisation points to alter parameters of the radio stream, such as tuning and volume. This parameter alteration is handled by a MIDI-controlled radio built specially for the piece.

As a piece, Travelling straddles the past and the present, with the video setting up the piece's fixed credentials whilst its reliance on a live and essentially unknowable stream establishes an existence in ever-occurring now, making every viewing unique. Monty Adkins stars as driver.

  • Radio
  • Arduino
  • PhD
  • AV
  • 5.1
  • MIDI

Updates [ 5 ]

  • AJ | Works | Travelling | Adam Jansch PhD thesis available digitally

    Adam Jansch PhD thesis available digitally

    18 Feb 2013 • Research

    Adam Jansch's PhD thesis has been made available digitally through the University of Huddersfield ePrints service.

    As a practice-based project the main document is a commentary containing the thesis' theoretical underpinning, into which is weaved the significance of the works submitted. Jansch has more on his thesis at his PhD site.

  • AJ | Works | Travelling | MIDI radio for Travelling

    MIDI radio for Travelling

    2 May 2010 • Travelling

    The upcoming AV piece Travelling features a natty bit of tech: a MIDI-controlled radio, built especially for the piece by Adam Jansch. The radio is intended to be fed from a sequencer, allowing changes to radio parameters to be synched with motions in the piece's video. An Arduino handles the translation from MIDI to the AR1010 module that provides the radio (Jansch's AR1010 library is available on Github).

  • AJ | Works | Travelling | Second outing for Jansch radio paper

    Second outing for Jansch radio paper

    14 Mar 2010 • Research

    Adam Jansch's research paper on his 'radio suite' – entitled "Integration of Live Broadcast Radio into Automated Live Electronic Works" – will receive its second presentational outing, this time at the Sight, Sound, Space and Play (SSSP) conference being held at De Montfort University in Leicester.

    The updated paper will cover the same pieces as before – Synth Radio, The Chaos Engine and Travelling – but with a greater emphasis on the latter two which will have been completed by the time of the presentation, which runs on Wednesday June 2nd 2010.

  • AJ | Works | Travelling | First Jansch paper accepted

    First Jansch paper accepted

    28 Feb 2010 • Research

    "Integration of Live Broadcast Radio into Automated Live Electronic Works" became the first research paper by Adam Jansch to be accepted for presentation. The presentation – which covers Jansch's 'radio suite' works Synth Radio, The Chaos Engine and Travelling – will take place as part of the Sonic Artists in Wales Electroacoustic Symposium at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, on Thursday 25th March.

  • AJ | Works | Travelling | Travelling to premiere at Holmfirth Film Festival

    Travelling to premiere at Holmfirth Film Festival

    24 Jan 2010 • Travelling

    2010's edition of the Holmfirth Film Festival will be venue for the premiere of Adam Jansch's first AV piece, Travelling, which sees a mashup of live radio and pre-recorded video. The piece will feature in an evening of works presented by the music department of the University of Huddersfield on Wednesday May 26th.