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Adam Jansch

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Podcast • 2011—2015

In February 2011, Scott Hewitt and Samuel Freeman recorded the first episode of The Audio Podcast, a show dedicated to audio technology and technique, as well as other goings on in the world of music technology.

The show, which has gone on to amass over 100 episodes, established itself quickly, and soon Hewitt and Freeman began giving invitations for guest presenters. Adam Jansch was one of the first guest presenters to appear on the podcast, making his debut in Not Broken Down Laptops, recorded on the journey back from a HELOpg gig in Frome, Somerset.

After a few more spot appearances through 2011 and early-2012, Jansch became a more regular contributor to the show, continuing in the role as de facto third presenter until 2015, when he hung up his headphones.

The show is recorded live through a Google+ Hangout and made available through YouTube, iTunes and Stitcher.

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Updates [ 2 ]

  • AJ | Other | The Audio Podcast | Adam Jansch hangs up headphones for The Audio Podcast

    Adam Jansch hangs up headphones for The Audio Podcast

    8 Jul 2015 • The Audio Podcast

    Having been behind the microphone for over 80 episodes of The Audio Podcast, Adam Jansch has decided to hang up his headphones. Yesterday's show 155 will mark the final show with Jansch as a regular presenter.

  • AJ | Other | The Audio Podcast | Car-based podcast presenting, with Adam Jansch

    Car-based podcast presenting, with Adam Jansch

    14 Jul 2011 • The Audio Podcast

    Having just performed with HELOpg at the Frome Festival, Adam Jansch switched to presenter-mode as a guest host on The Audio Podcast. The episode, called 'Not Broken Down Laptops' and recorded somewhere along the M5 motorway, can be heard here.