Musician and Creative Technologist

Adam Jansch


Creative • 2009—Ongoing

Having spent significant time in the musico-academic sphere, it's not surprising that Adam Jansch shows an eagerness to experiment with his creative process. For him, one prominent way in which this takes place is through a Pact, where a project is specified and commited to over a given timeframe, with supporting documentation as it progesses.

Jansch's history with Pacting began in 2009, where he dove into Supercollider for Hackpact. Feeling the need to expand the Pact boundaries, the following year he and Scott Hewitt organised CreativePact in 2010, a month-long Pact focussed on creativity which has run annually since then.

CreativePact has had a significant impact on Jansch's creative output, forming the basis of the first album by ‑otron, as well as Dorian Zoyd's live debut in 2015. He has also used CreativePact to question his own workflows, leading to refinements which promise an improved quality in his future work.

Jansch maintains a documentation website that covers all of his Pacting and hopes to document new types of Pact in the future. Keep eyes peeled for details of his latest and greatest Pact project.

  • -otron
  • Dorian Zoyd
  • Lost Zoyd
  • creative
  • Automaton
  • Voltronic/Galaxer
  • Maschine
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Threshold
  • Pixelmator

Updates [ 7 ]

  • AJ | Other | Pact | Pact docs site reaches version 2

    Pact docs site reaches version 2

    18 Sep 2016 • AJ | Adam Jansch

    Following the "tick" of platform change, Adam Jansch's Pact documentation website has been given the "tock" of a complete redesign.

    Sticking with its Grav CMS underpinnings, the primary goal for the site's new look was to remove emphasis from Pact start years, in order to open up future Pacting possibilities. The design also brings a vertical global navigation bar and an improved focus on content.

  • AJ | Other | Pact | CreativePact, 2016 and soundboarding with Live

    CreativePact, 2016 and soundboarding with Live

    24 Jul 2016 • Pact

    Hark, the CreativePact angels sing, and they sing the song of 2016's edition, including details of Adam Jansch's effort. Called Soundboard Record, his Pact centres around the development of a sampling-based soundboard in Ableton Live.

    Check out Adam's progress via his Pact documentation site. Head to the CreativePact website for more details on those taking part and how to join the fun.

  • AJ | Other | Pact | CreativePact and Hackpact become Pact

    CreativePact and Hackpact become Pact

    11 Apr 2016 • AJ | Adam Jansch

    In an act of website rationalisation, today AJ | Pact was launched. The site combines Adam Jansch's previously separate CreativePact and Hackpact documentation sites while also making life easier for people who like typing URLs. Like AJ | Main, AJ | Pact has switched from MODX to Grav.

  • AJ | Other | Pact | Dorian Live is this year's CreativePact project

    Dorian Live is this year's CreativePact project

    31 Aug 2015 • Pact

    Beginning tomorrow is Adam Jansch's latest CreativePact project, Dorian Live. This year he is dedicated to bringing upcoming music from Dorian Zoyd to the stage, with primary focus on adapting his 7-minute ambient ballad 'Automaton' for performance on the pipe organ in London's Union Chapel, the venue for his first solo pop gig on November 25th.

  • AJ | Other | Pact | Adam Jansch launches 2014 CreativePact

    Adam Jansch launches 2014 CreativePact

    4 Aug 2014 • Pact

    This week, Adam Jansch's project for CreativePact launched. The project is called Man and Maschine, and will see Jansch create a new musical nugget each day with a Native Instruments Maschine Studio.

    Having begun on August 4th, the project is being documented at Jansch's newly-created Pact documentation site, a short hop away from what you read now.

  • AJ | Other | Pact | New CreativePact docs website launched

    New CreativePact docs website launched

    23 Jul 2014 • AJ | Adam Jansch

    In time for CreativePact 2014, Adam Jansch has launched an all new website, running on MODX, hosting the documentation for his CreativePact projects.

  • AJ | Other | Pact | Final Cut Pro X is focus for CreativePact 2013

    Final Cut Pro X is focus for CreativePact 2013

    31 Aug 2013 • Pact

    As September looms into view it means one thing for Adam Jansch: the start of CreativePact! This year, in project IdeoVideo, he will be exploring Apple's divisive Final Cut Pro X video editing package. Expect several uploads to the Adam Jansch Vimeo account...