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Adam Jansch

Dorian Zoyd : ROBOT

Release • February 2016

ROBOT, the second EP from Dorian Zoyd, is a record of technist pop, progressive electronic and ambient ballad. Featuring the saxophonic talents of Pee Wee Ellis and a host of remixes from Dorian’s contemporaries, ROBOT is available as a digital download and also a limited-edition version, with high-quality audio and exclusive digital content all built into classic metal toy robots.

  • Technist Pop
  • Ambient Ballad
  • Dorian Zoyd
  • EP
  • Pee Wee Ellis
  • saxophone
  • remixes
  • L i n u s
  • Spandex
  • prof_lofi
  • -otron
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Updates [ 3 ]

  • AJ | Music | ROBOT | ROBOT stocked at Covers Vinyl, Frome

    ROBOT stocked at Covers Vinyl, Frome

    29 Apr 2016 • ROBOT

    Look out Frome, Dorian Zoyd's eponymous ROBOT has taken up residence in the town's newest record store, Covers Vinyl. Dorian's special-edition release is available for purchase in both blue and orange, with a Bandcamp download included.

  • AJ | Music | ROBOT | Announcing ROBOT, by Dorian Zoyd

    Announcing ROBOT, by Dorian Zoyd

    13 Feb 2016 • Dorian Zoyd

    The latest release from Dorian Zoyd is about to hit the figurative shelves: ROBOT features all new material, including the saxophonic wizardry of Pee Wee Ellis and the remixing chops of L i n u s, Spandex, prof_lofi & ‑otron, and NAZDAK.

    Alongside the typical digital download option will be a special-edition USB-enabled tin toy robot version, featuring the release in high-quality and exclusive bonus content – existing in blue and orange colours, only 20 of these robots will be made available. ROBOT will be released on February 19th and can be scoped out at Dorian Zoyd's Bandcamp.

  • AJ | Music | ROBOT | Dorian Zoyd live at Union Chapel, London

    Dorian Zoyd live at Union Chapel, London

    28 Oct 2015 • Dorian Zoyd

    Following an invitation to perform in the third birthday celebration of Union Chapel's Organ Project, Adam Jansch will be presenting the first ever live set from Dorian Zoyd, made up of brand new material from Zoyd's upcoming release, ROBOT.

    Alongside Dorian Zoyd the evening at the London venue will feature live music from Mara Carlyle, Claire M Singer and Pee Wee Ellis (who will also feature in Zoyd's set). Proceedings get underway at 7pm on Wednesday November 25th and tickets cost £10 (£7 UC Members). Head to Union Chapel's website for more details.