Musician and Creative Technologist

Adam Jansch

‑otron : doze on

Release • July 2016

Take the following ingredients:

  • The sonic underpinnings of Calexico’s track ‘No Doze’
  • Ambiance and rhythms of classic Portishead-style trip-hop
  • Inflections of mid-90s IDM (Autechre’s Amber for example)
  • Dismembered expressions reminiscent of DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing

Infuse these for six months with a developmental production approach focussed on Native Instruments’ Maschine, then slather onto two sides of premium repro’d compact cassette tape. The result? The second LP from ‑otron: doze on.

  • -otron
  • Electronic
  • trip-hop
  • cassette

Updates [ 3 ]

  • AJ | Music | doze on | doze on track aired on Tabs Out

    doze on track aired on Tabs Out

    8 Aug 2016 • doze on

    ‑otron once again returned to the playlist of the Tabs Out podcast, this time with "hallucin8", from recently released album doze on. Head to Tabs Out episode 90 to hear the drop.

  • AJ | Music | doze on | ‑otron's doze on now available

    ‑otron's doze on now available

    8 Jul 2016 • doze on

    doze on, the new album by ‑otron, is now available for purchase on Bandcamp. Head there now to catch doze on as a download or on limited-edition turquoise cassette.

  • AJ | Music | doze on | July launch for new ‑otron cassette, doze on

    July launch for new ‑otron cassette, doze on

    8 Jun 2016 • ‑otron

    The next LP from Adam Jansch's ‑otron project has been unveiled: the 7-track doze on is a record of atmospheric electronic and trip-hop, and will be available digitally and on pro-dubbed cassette from the ‑otron Bandcamp on July 8th.