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Adam Jansch

Adam Jansch is a musician and creative technologist whose practice covers bases across sound, art and programming. He is the mastermind behind electronic music wizard Dorian Zoyd, the open outcome record Futures EP and many other works, websites and apps.

As son of legendary folk guitarist Bert Jansch, Adam has been involved in music for most of his life, studying music technology and composition at college and university. During this time he created music under the monikers rev forty, Hydletts Zoo and Lost Zoyd; he was also part of laptop group HELOpg, and he played bass guitar on a number of his father's albums.

Cross-media works like Human jukebox x n, nullTV analog and A Sea of Goons were a hallmark of Adam's time gaining a doctorate in Music Composition from the University of Huddersfield between 2008-2012. An interest in iPhone programming flourished during this period also.

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Adam Jansch's 2014 CreativePact launches

This week, Adam Jansch's project for CreativePact 2014 launched. The project is called Man and Maschine, and will see Jansch create a new musical nugget each day with a Native Instruments Maschine Studio.

Having begun on August 4th, the project is being documented at Jansch's newly-created CreativePact documentation site, a short hop away from what you read now.

Jansch track 'Trees' featured on Diplodisc Sampler

A previously little-known track featuring Adam Jansch has been released on Diplodisc's Diplocomp.

'Trees', written by Nick Dawe and with lyrics by Jansch, was picked up by Diplodisc's Alessandro Monti for the compilation, which is available on CD at Burning Shed.

Nine Eyes, the new Dorian Zoyd EP, released today

It is here! The new Dorian Zoyd EP, Nine Eyes, has been released and features four tracks of "dark progtronics" (prog-rock-electronics?).

The EP can be streamed and downloaded at the Dorian Zoyd Bandcamp, and features ocular visuals created by a bevy of artists from around the UK.